DOI: 10.21070/icecrs2021884

The Effect of Using an Animation Video in Writing Recount Text at SMK Antartika 1 Sidoarjo

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo
An Animation Video Teaching Writing Recount text


The objectives of this research are to find out whether there is any effect and significant difference achievement of students in writing recount text between before and after being taught by using an animation video and how the students’ respon toward the use of an animation video in teaching writing recount text. The research was conducted at SMK Antartika 1 Sidoarjo. Sample of this study is students in first grade TPM 6 class. The method that is used in this research is quantitative method with pre-experimental design. To get the data, the researcher gave pre-test and post-test to the students. The researcher used an animation video in teaching writing recount text. An essay is given by the researcher to the students to know the effect of the students after used an animation video. Based on the result of the research, there are some research findings that can be represented. First, there is significant difference achievement of students in writing recount text. Second, the students’ understanding give a positive respon toward the use of an animation video. In conclusion, the use of holiday animation video gives a significant difference on the students’ achievement in writing recount text and the students’ respon of the use of an animation video in teaching writing recount text are positive.


English is one of international language in the world, that is why English becomes an important language that should be learnt by the people. Almost every people in this world have a special skill to have another language for their self, beside of their own language, people must study about another language that include as international language. People that expert of English will be easy to go to anywhere because they will never worried how to communicate with another people in this world. If people had a trouble when they were not in their own country , they can use English as the tool to communicate with others. When people learn English they will know how important it is. According to Hikmasari [1] , Language is a medium space that has so many meanings and functions, Language also can help people to understand what another wants to deliver their opinions and meaning.

That is why English becomes an important lesson in Indonesia. “Language is the road map of a culture . It tells you where its people come from and where they are going” , said by Rita Mae Brwon [2]. This is the reason why Indonesian’s students have this lesson since they were in play group or kindergaten to university. By using English people can go international because they have good skill to comunicate with others. There are four skill that so important of English learning such as speaking, reading, listening and writing. According to Rochayani Atik and Dwi Agung, English was almed by students from lowest to highest level especially in Indonesia. In university English is one of subject that must be taken by all students. This is the reason why English becomes a subject that must be learned by everyone especially in academic. Atik explained that English should not only become a lesson or subject, better is it become the tool of communication. That is why the fourth skills such as Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing must be mastered by English learners that can not be separated. Beside them, the elemets of English (Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation) must be mastered too for support the learning of English more become efficient. [3]

In reality there are still many students in indonesia who are less able to master the skill. The writer encountered a lot of text that was wrong in tensis. This also can be influenced by the level of students’ interest when studying. Most teachers in indonesia us monotonous methods when teaching. The example when the writer observed in TPM 6 class at SMK Antartika 1 Sidoarjo was very bored with the techniques of learning which given by the teacher. It makes the students became less of motivation to learn English it self. [4]

There are some problems that the writer found when doing observed at Smk Antartika 1 Sidoarjo. First, the teacher of Smk Antartika 1 Sidoarjo only used a conventional technique such as dictation to improve writing without any media. It cannot improve the students’ writing skill because it makes the students get bored. In dictation, students are passive because they only sit then listen what the teacher said. Moreover, the students learn English as they listen to the classmates talk and read. The use of media with technology or instructional media in teaching writing was rarely implemented. The lack of the media as teaching aids made the students felt bored. The second problem, the students may only be able to practice their writing in the classroom. The process of writing in the classroom involves students and teachers. Individual voice of the teacher can also be called as the source of writing, because in teaching learning process, teacher talks as she gives some instructions should also be understood by their students. The students used to listen directly what their teacher said. When the teacher reads the text, the students had difficulties to identify and to catch the meaning of the words that the teacher said. In the last problem, basically the teacher still focuses on the old learning model. The students just listen to the teacher voice and answer the teacher’s questions correctly. It can make writing become uninteresting material and get minimum attention from the students.And it happens in SMK Antartika 1 Sidoarjo, when teacher teaches there are student still having conversation with their friends, playing gadget, listening music by headset or sleep in the top of their table. The students looked so bored and sleepy when the teacher teach.

This is why the researcher thought that teacher must have a fun method but also for learn like a showing video in class. The video must be simple, don’t always using speech method for teach but it is also very good to use a visual media to perform in class, when the researcher observed there, students was so interested with the lesson and especially when the researcher give them know about the cute video by using lcd in front of the class. They were so take attention on the video and serious to watching it . [5] If the teaching is teacher-centered, technology and media are used to support teaching presentation. On the other hand, if teaching is students-centered, students are the main user of technology and media [6]. In teaching writing, the teacher may apply an appropriate technique, so the students can improve their writing skill especially for the first grade of senior high school students. It is because the first grade of senior high school students are in the period of transition from children to teenagers. Student still love playing in the class. They should not learn in serious activity such as they only listen to the teacher’s explanation. It means the teacher cannot use the general technique or media such as dictation or tape recorder. Here, the teacher technique is used as stimulus to increase the students’ motivation in the teaching-learning process.

Because of this, the researcher interested to use an animation holiday video to improve the students skill of writing and simple past tense as the grammar of this. By using this method the researcher hope it can make the students more be participated.Kodoatie [7] investigated that by using media to teach the students about recount text is very effective. She used the picture series as the media to teach reacount text in class. She clarified in her thesis if using media it can be a picture or video can support their new idea to do the matter on recount text. The writer also said that there was a difference between the score of the students for pre and post test, before and after the writer gave her treatment in class. By using media, she can conclude that the method was so effective to support the score and understanding of the students become better. There are many kinds of techniques that are used in the teaching-learning process. Using an animation video for improve in english teaching is the most interesting ways because usually teacher only teach by using power point to speech and it was so monotonous way ever.

Based on the problems described, the researcher chooses to limit the study problems related to giving an animation video based on two reasons. a) First reason is because a students in SMK 1 Antatartika sidoarjo have boys majorities. Most of them is boy and almost there is no a girl in each class, researcher found only one girl in a class. And boys students is very active in class, not for learn, but for kidding. They were more interested to talk much with their friends, playing gadget, listening music by using headset and also sleeping on their each table although the class is still begining. Students in STM is very noisy , teacher must be creative and should not make them be bored caused of the method is wrong. In STM teacher should not using speech method because it is so monotonous way for the learners. This is why the researcher said that by using video , it can take attention of the students. Most of people prefer in visual than a written. [8] b) Second reason is practice and effective. By using this video the teacher just need to play the video and pay attention to the students who dioes not look at the slide. In video is be equipped of the text, students can read and analyse the text to know how the way to creat an example of the recount text it self.


In this study, used pre-experimental because the school gave the class decisions which researchers would use to examine. There is a technique for collecting data in this study, one of them is the researcher giving a test to collect data from students and take grades. The pre-test and post-test scores were collected to find out the results of the description by talking using an animation video. Student scores were collected through a pre-test and post-test to find out the differences before and after using an animation video in recount text learning. [9] The researcher used the One Group Pretest - Posttest Design Method as to take this study:

In this first step, researchers tested students using the same questions without using the media and seeing the results, to find out the students' ability to creat an essay of recount text. This test is done by individuals. In the next step, the researcher gives treatment as a problem that is found when looking at student achievement results if the results are not satisfactory. In this last step, a post-test was conducted to find out the final results of significant differences in student achievement in writing descriptions after being given treatment using an animation video. In this research, the researcher conducted an assessment given to students through two test, including pre-test and post test. Assessment is given through students’ writing development. In this last step, a post-test was conducted to find out the final results of significant differences in student achievement in writing descriptions after being given treatment using an animation video. In this research, the researcher conducted an assessment given to students through two test, including pre-test and post test. Assessment is given through students’ writing development.

Research Finding and Discussion

The researcher found the significant score. It means that an animation video have effect for students in writing recount text. The researcher could give the result is the media that showed to students in treatment was success to answered the purpose of study in this research. The researcher found the differences between before and after gave an animation video as the treatment. Students became more imaginatif and could understand as sure what is recount and how the example is. This below is the data of the significant score between pre-test and post-test.

The researcher took sampel 2 students’ score:

Student Pre-test’s score Post-test’s score
SD1 48 84
SD2 49 88
Table 1. The sample of studnet’s score

Students Pre-test Post-test Gain (d) X^2d
35 2104 2886 782 4426816
Mean 60.11 82.46 22.34 3613,73
Table 2. The Result of Pre-test and Post-test

Based in the table, it showed the result of the pre-test and post-test. Before conducting the treatment the researcher gave pre-test to the students and got 60.11 as the results of pre-test average score. After the researcher gave the treatment using an animation video in teaching writing skill through recount text, then the researcher got 82.46 as the post test average results score. It means that there is a significant difference of students’ result in pre-test and post- test after the researcher had conducted the treatment using an animation video in teaching writing recount text.

The researcher use T-test as the main analysis. The purposed of T-test that the researcher used is to know whether there is an effect or not by using an animation video in teaching writing recount text. From the data which had been collected, the researcher analyzes the T-test as follow:

Figure 1.the researcher analyzes the T-test


Md= Average from differences in pre-test and post-test

∑𝑥2𝑑= Total of deviation square

Xd= Deviation in every subject

N= Sample of subject

d.b= it will make by N-1

Calculating the t-test

The table can be found by knowing the significant level and the degree of freedom (d/f). The significant level α 5% (0.05) and the degree of freedom (d/f) = 34. Therefore, the t-table shows 0.05 is 2.100.

According to the calculating of t-test, the result of t-test is 2.9 and the value of df is 34 at significance level of 5% is 0.05 comparing the t-test with t-table, the result of this research shows the t-test (ttest = 2.9) is higher than t- table (ttable 5% = 0.05) or 2.9 > 0.05.

Result of T-Test
t-test 2.9
t-table 0.05
Table 3.Result of T-Test

According to the data analysis, it shows that teaching using video has an effect towards students’ writing recount test. It has been proven from the pre-test and post-test score. The mean of pre-test is 60.11 and the mean of the post-test is 82.46. from the result of the pre-test and post-test score has different score. Furtheremore, the result of T-test statistical analysis supports that there is a significant effect of using an animation video in teaching writing recount text because the value of t-test 2.9. It is higher than t-table which is based on the degree of freedom 34. degree of significance 5% is 0.05. if the result of t-test is higher than t-table , t-test > t- table , the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected and the alternative hypothesis (Ha) is accepted. In this research, the alternative hypothesis is accepted and there is a significant effect of using animation video in teaching writing recount text.

From the explanation above, the statements of problem have been answered. The use of animation video in teaching writing recount text gives good and effect on the studets’ writing recount text. The students’ score can increase after being given treatment using an animation video. Moreover, the use of the video is successful in increasing students’ score. The finding of this research supports and proves the idea as what is said by Wright [10] that media can motivate students to write and help them to improve their writing ability. In the other hand, the finding of the research was related to the previous study that had been done by Dzulkifli and Amanah [11] on Applying Picture Word Students’ Writing Recount Text. There are some differences of this research and the previous studies above. The study uses pre-experimetal design with one group of experimental and control group. The result from the use of animation video in teaching writig recount text had a significant effect in teaching writing skill.


The research was aimed at improving the students’ writing kills through video. The video were applied in the research is story about a holiday. This make the students had a new experience in learning English and they interested. Students could imagine as sure the example of recount text because the video explain a story which so close with students’ life. [12]

Based on the results of data finding and discussion in previous chapter, the conclusion can be derived. It can be proven that the use of video in teaching writing recount text gives the significant difference of students’ achievement. The students’ score of writing recount text after taught by using an animation video is better than before taught by the video. [13] The mean score of pre-test is 60.11, meanwhile the mean score of post-test is 82.46. The researcher used t-test formulas to find out the answer of statements of problem. Based on the result of t-test calculation, there is significance difference on the students’ achievement in writing recount text who were taught before and after using an animation video. The result of t-test is 2.9 and ttable is 0.5. The comparison between t-test and t-table shows that t-test 2.9 > ttable 0.5. It means that Ha is accepted and Ho is rejected. Thus, applying video gives the significant difference on students’ achievement in writing recount text.


Alhamdulillahirobbil’alamin,All praises be to Allah SWT, the Lord of the world who has blessed upon the researcher in finishing this thesis. The writer would like convey her special gratitude for beloved family This thesis can’t be completed without of help from others and my amazing lecture.


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