DOI: 10.21070/icecrs2021885

The Effect of Using Song on Students’ Achivement in Simple Past Tense at SMK Antartika 2 Sidoarjo

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo
Song Media Simple Past Tense


SongIn English making sentence in the correct language order is difficult for students because English is a forein language. In this research focus on simple past tense. This research was coducted on tenth grade students in SMK Antartika 2 Sidoarjo who have understanding problems in simple past tense. This research aims to determine wether there is a significant influence on students achievement in simple past tense. This study used the pre-experimental design with Wilcoxon Sign Rank test and saturated sample technique. The researcher use the song as media in delivery of simple past tense to make it easier to understand.


English is one of the languages used by everyone in the world as an international language. Every country in the world used English becomes language that must be learned after the mother tongue. Even, in Indonesia, many people learn English. Furthermore, English is one of the educational curriculums in Indonesia. English has been taught from elementary school until university. [1] Language is a communication tool between members of the community in the from of sounds symbol produced by human utterance, with language the human can convey ideas, though, feeling or information to others, both verbally and writing.

In English will definitely find tenses contained in these 4 skills. Tenses can be interpreted as a form of verb that shows a change in time, so different time information can affect the form of verbs used in a sentence structures. Tenses has 4 main group and then divided into 16 types among others are simple past tense. Many students felt difficult when they learning about grammar in English. In the sophistication of electronics now, a lot of efforts are being made to make easier for student to learn the listen in English, one of which is the use of media such as songs or films in English. Learning media is a tool in the learning process inside or outside classroom, further explained that learning media is media as teaching material that aims to make it easier for students to understand the lesson and can stimulate students to learn. In this research used the song as learning media for learning simple past tense. Nowadays, the world of education is very different from previous education. The use of technology in education has impacted the way for educators to present information and the students learn from the information. Innovation and the right teaching methods will help students understanding the process, so the students can apply the knowledge obtained in their daily life.

Before conducting this research, first the researcher did observation with the English teacher in vocational high school to know how difficulties that have experienced by students. Based on the informal interview has done is found there are many problems of students’ grammatical. In fact, the students still less understand how to use simple past tense. First, they always use verb 1. Second, they still difficult with regular and irregular verb. Third, they lack of verb

In the second observation is the researcher observed in teaching learning process in classroom. Learning media that often used by teachers still use conventional media such as textbooks and power point. Learning like this is make less attractive and interactive. As a result, students sometimes get bored of receiving material and still seem to have not understood the material properly that they get from the teacher. In this research, the researcher use songs as a media for students in the learning simple past tense.


The method of the research is quantitative method. Quantitative method is a means for testing theories of objectives with examine the relation between the variables. This research used experimental design to get the data of research. There are several types of experimental design that are pre-experimental, true experimental and quasi experimental. Pre-experimental design does not have the control group, only has one group that becomes an experimental group. Pre-experimental design is used by the researcher to get the data. There are several types in pre-experimental design there are one-shot study, one group pre-test and post-test, intact group comparison. In this research used the one group pre-test and post-test to find out the whether any influence of students’ achievement in simple past tense before and after treatment. This research was carried out in three meetings for three weeks. Before researcher did the experimental, in the first week the researcher gave try out to the other class to know that question is validity or not. Validity is measuring on research instrument with the aim producing accurate data. Validity test must be tested on every questions. The result of r count will be compared r table, where df (Degree of Freedom) = n-2 with standard size that is often used in research (significant 5% or 0.05). If r count > r table or r count higher than r table it can be called valid. The researcher describes the pre-experimental design which can be illustrated below:


O1 = Pre-test (before treatment)

X = Treatment

O2 = Post- test (after treament)

The population of this study is 10th grade students of Antartika 2 Sidoarjo. The total of 10th grade of students was 200 students. There were five classes consisted of X-1, X-2, X-3. X-4, X-5. The researcher used one class as the sample in this study, wich is X-1 grade that consisted of 25 students. The researcher used saturated sampling to choose the treatment class and used the wilcoxon sign rank test because it less than 30 sample. The researcher used data instrument to collect the data with pre-test and post-test. In this research, the test is used to measure the students understand about simple past tense. In this study, the researcher showed the video with lyrics to students and looking for simple past tense based on the lyrics.

In collecting the data, the researcher used the pre-test and post-test. The test that used in this study is to fill in the blanks and changing from verb 1 into verb 2. Its mean that the questions taken from the lyrics of Someone Like You by Adele and Back to December by Taylor Swift. Pre-test is given to students to know the extent of understanding of simple past tense before given he treatment. The students asked to fill in the blank which consisted 20 of questions in 45 minutes. The researcher gave the post test after giving treatment to the students. The theme was same with the pre-test. However, in post-test the researcher gave different question but still consisted in 20 question in 45 minutes. In this study, the researcher also makes the questionnaire has a question or statement that give to the students. The researcher also did computation by using wilcoxon sign rank test with Z-test to know the significant different in pre-test and post-test score of experimental class. The formula of Z-test as follows:

Description :

Ws= Smallest score of absolute score

n= Sample of subject after calculate the rank

d.f= (N-1) and then consulted by Z-table

After the researcher conduct data collection, the researcher analyzed the data to find out the whether any significant different between students’ achievement before and after treatment for learnng simple past tense. The researcher use repeated measure z-test to find out the improvement of the treatment effect. The criteria are shown as follow: Ho (Hypothesis of Null is rejected if alpha level is lower than 0.05 (α < 0.05). Ho: There is no significant difference between students achievment befoe and after trearment for learning simple past tense. The criteria are Ha (Hypothesis of Alternative) is accepted if alpha level is higher than 0.05 (α> 0.05). Ha: There is a significant difference between students achievement before and after treatment for learning simple past tense.

Findings and Discussions

The researcher was conducted in three meetings. In the first meeting, the researcher was explained about simple past tense and showed the video of Back to December by Taylor Swift that has subtitle to the students and gave the test there was changing verb 1 into verb 2 aspree-test. In the second meeting the researcher reviewed the last meeting and shows the video that has subtitle there are Back to December and Someone Like You about simple past tense to make the students more understand. In the last meeting the researcher gave a test for the students there was changing verb 1 into verb 2 as the post-test and then review the material to know how far they understand about simple past tense after they got a treatment.

After did those three activities including of pre-test, treatment, and post-test. The researcher knows the result of both tests counts the mean of the result score. From the final score, the value of the pre-test was 1725, with mean 69 and the total score in post-test was 2257, with mean 90.28. The post-test was higher than the pre-test. Its mean that the students got the better score after they got a treatment. The statistical computation using one sample z-test showed that there are significant difference between students achievement before and after treatment for learning simple past tense. The result of calculating z-test is 4.11 and the value of df is 21 at a significance level of 5% is 1.720 the result of this research showed the Z-count is higher than Z-table 5% or 4.11 ≥ 1.72 So, by applying song the students can be more interested and the students’ score in the post-test were higher than the students’ score in the pre-test. This means that using song for leaning simple past tense gives good effect and there was significant difference between students achievement before and after treatment for learning simple past tense. Finally, it can be concluded that was any significant difference on the students’ achievement in simple past tense.


Seeing the teaching-learning process at the tenth grade, it was noted that learning grammar through the using song for learning simple past tense could motivate and interested to the students. It can be seen from their enthusiasm and participations in doing the activity. There was also an increase of students’ grammatically after being taught through the simple past tense used song. It can be seen from the score of students. The result of the post-test was higher than the result of the pre-test. Moreover, on the result of Z-test calculation showed that Z-test is higher than Z-table. Thus, applying the using song for learning simple past tense gives a significant difference on the students’ achievement.


The researcher would like to say deeply thank you to my advisor, English teacher and all the students who helped conducting this study. Without my advisor, this study cannot work properly. Then the English teacher and the students helped lots with their cooperative and their understanding during this study done. Besides, researcher’s family, and for all my friends who helped and support the researcher to finish what has been started.


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