DOI: 10.21070/icecrs2021886

The Buzz Group Technique For Teaching Reading Comprehension Of Recount Text Of The Eight Grade Students Of Junior High School

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo
Buzz Group Recount Text Reading conprehension


The purpose of this study was to solve the problems that existed in grade 8 smpn 2 Buduran namely students' reading comprehension. By using group buzz techniques to improve reading comprehension through recount text. This research uses quantitative methods, through several tests consisting of try outs, pre-tests and post-tests. Some tests are carried out in some time. Before using the group buzz technique students are given a pre-test test. The result of the pre-test was 75. After the pre-test, the use of group buzz technique was applied to the students and then the students worked on the post-test. The result of the post test is 87.42 It can be concluded that the post-test results are greater than the pre-test. This shows that the group buzz technique can improve students' reading ability in recount text material.


Reading comprehension is a part of reading skill. Reading skill is one of the skills must be mastered by students. Reading for students is not just reading from the text. But it requires understanding that allows students to find information, ideas that are in the text. Comprehension requires the use of effective strategic processes such as monitoring understanding. Comprehension depends on language processes such as vocabulary, basic reading skills, sensitivity to text structure and activation. When readers are able to understand their skills, they can develop efficiently from the learning stage to the final goal of reading.

Reading is a process that is also based on purpose. Readers read to find information and confirm existing knowledge. Readers also read to enjoy and extend language of knowledge in a text. Another purpose of reading is to decide precise skills or strategy to comprehension. Therefore, before reading any kind of text, understand the purpose in reading is important. Teaching of reading is equally teaching of elementary school, the pupils know how to read-when the letter had opened up and shown the meaning behind the ramble of letters. Many teachers have opine that reading comprehension by pupils will increase automatically as they get mor practice.Teaching in reading comprehension is to guide students and provide facilities in learning. Guiding is done by carry out activities an effort to receive the knowledge. The activity itself is carried out by giving students assigments regarding consideration of the technique used There are techniques for teaching plans based on reading programs using a series of multilevel teaching materials such as individual reading and language experience approaches.

The focuse of this research is on reading skills which is one part of four skills english language that students learn. Reading is include skills that difficult to learn. Because of the high understanding is needed to get the meaning of the text. Students tend to just read without knowing the contents. Reading activity can make students get many vocabulary but if they dont understand is nothing. After going through the pre-observation that was done at SMPN 2 Buduran-Sidoarjo, the researcher found that the problem in eight grade was one of the four skills that were reading skills. Student can only read without being able to find much information and understand the existing text. This problem can be caused by student lack of vocabulary or lazy to read. The problems also can caused by teacher t not find the right technique to teach students in reading skills. When students reading without undertsanding the meaning of the meaning in text the students will not gain knowledge. The teacher should have the right technique in teaching reading comprehension. With the right technique students will achieve their goals in reading. That are get information, knowledge and ideas in processing the contents of the story in the text.

Based on pre observation at SMPN 2 Buduran in class VIII-F, the students are seems difficuult to understand what the teacher talk about the explanation of text are given. They follow the instruction from their teacher to read, and they read. But, when the teacher give they some questions about the text, the students confused to answer the questions. Clearly seen that they did not understand of the text. They read without comprehension while in reading activity. Many students seems not focus in learn, they still busy with their friends. Response from students to their teacher is less.Techniques in teaching reading comprehension are needed for students so that students know the true purpose of reading comprehension. Appropriate techniques can also affect students' attention and interest in paying attention to texts in reading activities. Furthermore, learning techniques can be interpreted as a way to implement a specific method. Technique in learning are the way teachers deliver teaching materials that have been prepared through the approach used. The technique used by the teacher depends on the ability or tactics of the teacher so that the learning process can run run well. Learning techniques are the path or media used by the teacher to direct student activities to the desired or achieved goals. The technique is the method used and is implementative. Directly practice in the reality of learning in the classroom.

From the problems above it can be concluded that the problem obtained is on students' reading comprehension. And the solution that can be taken is how the right technique in the learning process of reading comprehension. The researcher decided to used the buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension. The researcher suspect that the buzz group technique can provide an improving students' reading comprehension. Buzz group techniques are included in the implementation of the discussion method. Buzz group technique is a technique that is done by dividing students into groups. The number of groups in the buzz group is smaller, which is 4 to 7 people in each group. Some of these groups then do their job, namely by discussing the problems given by the teacher to students. There is limited time for students to solve the given problem. Each student in the group exchanges opinions or ideas about the given text. With a limit time students will really try to understand a text are given in order to understand and get the information needed.


The research used a quantitative research to collect the data. Quantitative research is seen in terms of objectives. Quantitative research is to present a fact or describe statistics and show the relationship between variable and those are developig cocepts, understanding and describing many things. The methodology this research is quantitative because the data of the research is use numeral data and by the independent experimental. In quantitative research have two types they are pre-experimental and non experimental. This research is applied the pre-experimental because the researcher use one experimental class of using Buzz Group technique to improve students’ reading comprehension in recount text. The kind of pre-experimental research that hasn’t been done real yet. There are external variables that affect the formation of the dependent variable. Thorugh this design the effectiveness of implementation will be known. Based on the explanation, the pre-esperimental research is used to know the effect of experiment in implementation the technique in the class.

Pre-experimental research is used by the researcher because the researchher wants to examine the effect of using buzz group technique as technique to improve students’ reading comprehension with recount text material. The researcher used pre-test and post test as types design of experimental. The researcher has been choose one class to observed in second time. Firstly, the researcher was look in the class to give the students pre-test before they get a treatment. Second, the researcher give a post test to them as a treatment after they got pre-test..In this study the researcher should to know the results of using of techniques applied to students through research design. The purpose of research design is to analyze data so that it can be calculated and concluded regarding the techniques used for students. The researcher used pre-experimental research design to find out whether the group buzz technique had a significant effect on students' reading comprehension improvement. to find out whether the buzz group technique has a significant effect on improving students' reading comprehension, especially with recount text material, that is by looking at the results of pre-test and post-test. If the pre-test results are lower than the post-test, then the group buzz technique does not have a significant effect. Conversely, if the results of the post test are greater then it can be concluded that the group buzz technique provides a significant effect to improve students' reading comprehension.

Result a nd Discussion

The data has been done collected in SMPN 2 Buduran-Sidoarjo in academic year 2019/2020. The researcher collecting data used pre-experimental research and it was several times of collecting the data, there were tryout, pre-test and post-test. The researcher give the students instruction to the students and they follow the instruction for what should they do for test. They focus their attention on the researcher while in class. The researcher explains in advance about the recount text material that will be given. Students pay attention to explanations and take notes. The first meeting that was in the school doing a research on 19th July 2019.Tthe researcher gives the questions students must do by giving multiple choice questions with recount text material to students. Before working on the students ask the researcher about the material in the given problem. Then all students work carefully.

The second meeting was done on 22nd July 2019 and the last was done on 23rd July 2019, the researcher provides pre-test and post-test questions to find out the improvement of students' understanding after received the treatment. Researchers provide 20 multiple choice questions for students. Pre-test is given by not using group buzz technique. When the pre-test is conducted, students do not form a buzz group. After students are given a pre-test, then the researcher gives a post-test to students with the same number of questions that is 20 multiple choice questions with recount text material. From the pre-test and post-test that has been given to students the acquisition of pre-test scores obtained by students in class 8-F is 75. And the results obtained from the post-test are 87.42. From the results obtained from the two scores between pre-test and post-test it can be concluded that the group buzz technique has a significant effect on improving students' reading comprehension at 8 F. It can be seen from the post-test score score of 87.42 greater than the score of the pre –test is 75.

The solution of the Problem

The researcher explain to students about the material that will be given to students as a test to be done. The researcher write a summary of the material, then given an explanation. Students listen to the explanation from the researchers then write a book. Furtheremore, the researcher gave a multiple choice question test to find out students' knowledge of the material. The problem given is recount text. It is expected that students read the text and also understand the content contained in the given text. After giving the test the researcher gave pre-test and post-test to students. The results of the pre-test and post test that have been given are then compared. The comparison obtained is the results of the pre-test that is before using the group buzz technique is lower than the results of the post test that uses the group buzz technique

Hypothesis Testing

Based on the analysis of the data, the research shows that the hypothesis test answers the significant study " Is there any significant effect of using the buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension?” . the conclusion of the mean obtained from the pre-test and post-test that has been obtained the final result of the pre-test is 75 and the post-test is 87.42. Hypothesis testing result got from pre-test and post-test data. In this hypothesis research is “there is an effect or there is no effect of using picture series as a media to improve students’ writing narrative text in 9th grade of SMPN 2 Buduran”. Hypothesis testing would be discussed as follows:

Ho: There is no effect of using buzz group in teaching writingreading comprehension with recount text material in 8th grade of SMPN 2 Buduran. It means that buzz group technique is not give significant effect in improvment students’ reading comprehension.

Ha: There is an siignificant effect of using buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension 8th grade of SMPN 2 Buduran.

It means that buzz group technique is effective to be used in students’ reading comprehension.

The assumption of this hypothesis as follows:

  1. If tvalue>ttable, the null hypothesis (H0) is rejected, it means that there is an significant effect of using buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension.
  2. If tvalue<ttable, the null hypothesis (H0) is accepted, it means that there is no significant effect using buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension.

Based on the analysis of the hypothesis above, it can be concluded that the use of buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension with recount text material is give good result and significant effect.


From this research, the researcher concluded that there was an effect after using buzz group technique in teaching reading comprehension. In context of discussion together with the limited time to complete the question becomes a measure for students in understanding the reading given. Improved students’ score can be seen after researchers conduct research. The results obtained indicate that discussion with buzz group technique can improve students' reading comprehension


The researcher’s appreciation give to parents, friends, university colleagues as the support during this thesis. The researcher also would like to thank to the other researcher or friends who be a readers of this article.


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