DOI: 10.21070/icecrs2021887

The Effect of My Simple Show in Writing Recount Text at the Indonesian Junior High School

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo
Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo
Writing Recount Text My Simple Show


The objectives of this research are to find out whether there is any significant of students in teaching  writing recount text between before and after by using My Simple Show and how the student’s perception towards the use of this application in teaching writing recount text. The method used is quantitative by using a pre-experimental design and questionnaire, To get data, the researcher gave a Pre-test, and Post-test to students. Based on the result of the research, there are some research that can be represented. First, there is significance of My Simple Show to write recount text. Second, the students perception of My Simple Show to increase recount text. Based on the result of this research, the researcher hope can help the students to increase writing ability in recount text by using this application, and give more motivation to be creative.


language is a tool for communication. By communicating we can add insight from various sources. Just as a student listens when in front of them there is a teacher who gives them knowledge and insight. And that's where language is used to convey something to students. Not all languages can be used easily. Like English. Now English is a compulsory subject that must be mastered by students. From elementary school to college, they are familiar with English. English is a second language or an international language. When in the world of education, English must be mastered fully. But basically the ability of each student is different. If a student masters the structure in English, it feels easy and fun. As with the dislike, it was felt to be very difficult and boring. Seeing this, an effective method will be able to make learning English fun and not boring. education is a real structure of the learning process which can make students able to develop in personality, character, intelligence, and abilities in various activities. I think that education is the learning process of every student to understand, and make to think critically, because every phase in education has a different way of thinking. In supporting the learning process to be more effective, there is the term media. the media is used to convey messages from the speaker to get information. I think that media like teachers explain information using a blackboard. But with the times, technology has become more advanced. From what was originally written on the blackboard, now can explain it using a power point, without tired of writing on the board. When we hear the term power point, we will definitely think about a PC or computer or laptop.

PC can access to computer, mobile phones, and the internet and not ready using them for the basic of life such shopping, paying taxes, or simply communicate. So, PC can easy for students more creative and effective for decrease their skill. PC is a learning program using a computer. I think that PC can research about teaching materials, and media in the process of learning development. My Simple Show is a media which must be connected to the internet. This media is very important, because it provides pictures and sounds that make students not bored. My Simple Show can be used like a game so that the learning process is not monotonous. In the learning process, each student has different abilities. In English, abilities can be divided into four. Writing, reading, listening and speaking. Of the four abilities, the ability that is felt difficult for students is the ability to write. Writing is a basic ability that must be understood by students. Sometimes in English, they are easy to say, but writing is difficult. Why difficult? Because in writing there are several structures that must be understood. Like the recount text example. Recount text is a story that explains an activity or event that has occurred. In recounting text you also have to use simple past tense. So when we write, we don't just write, but we have to know the structure of the writing. In this thesis, the researchers examined in SMP YapenasGempol at the Indonesian Junior High School . From the observations I have seen, especially in class 8 it is still difficult to write recount texts. Therefore, I took the initiative to provide methods and media that suited their interests, so that they could easily understand the writing of recount texts using Simple Past Tense, namely My Simple Show. Which the media contains about how to write accompanied by pictures and sounds, so that students are not bored. Because writing is very root of skill. And the students must really understand how to write the teks. writing is process of thinking, because there are many ideas that write on paper or all the words.

The process of Writing

There are five steps in the process of writing. There are pre-writing, drafting, revising, reviewing, and rewriting[6]. Prewriting is process students got the idea that write their idea with keyword in book, after that can start manage their idea using sentences. Drafting is place can make the sentences before write with draft using their idea. Reviewing is a process before you check your own word before being be a sentences until you can check when you read. And revising is process when you can repair your word with good or better.

The Generic Structure of Recount Teks

Rewriting is process to read again the text, check error sentences, spelling and grammar with clear. The generic structure of Recount text includes orientation, sequence of events and reorientation. Orientation is a part of paragraph which identifies what the story’s, activity, happent, with the identify person, place, family and etc. Sequence of events is a part of text when show the main characters. Reorientation is a part of paragraph the text that contain the conclusion.

My Simple Show

Online game is a learning process that use game for education. online game is game that must connect with internet. Because not meaning with online if not use internet. If without internet, named with offline game. My Simple Show is online game that serve picture, sound, place for write. The advantages of my Simple Show is, can make the video, can write like power point, there are many kinds of theme. And the disadvantages is, there are many subtopic can choose, limit the time, because must make more creation. How to cite: wahyuavtiya, wahyutaufiq (2015) Teaching English Using Social Media For The First Year of University Students,


In this study, researchers used a quantitative design. quantitative is a research method that uses samples and populations, to collect and analyze through tests. In research, quantitative can be divided into two, namely design experiments and non-experiments. In design experiments, differentiated into pre-experiments, quasi experiments, and true design experiments. Here I use pre-experiment design.pre-experiment design is a design in a real study. Because it still contains variables that affect. So the results of the experiment that the dependent variable does not affect the independent variable. Because it is not a control variable. Researchers used a pre-experiment design because they wanted to know the effect of My Simple Show in writing recount text. In this research, I used YapenasGempol Middle School and the sample that I used was Grade 8. In this study I used writing. researchers use instruments to measure a person's abilities, behavior, or interviews. To collect data, I use a test.test is a list of questions or steps to carve out one's knowledge and abilities. To collect data, researchers used pre-test and post-test. In analyzing data, researchers used T-tests and Eta-squared. The T-test was used to find out if there was any significant effect before. After the all data collected, after that analyzed the data using formula test.


The formula of T-test is as follows:


Md = Average from differences in pre-test and post-test

= Total of deviation square

Xd = Deviation in every subject

N = Sample of subject

d.b = it will make by N-1

Eta Squared

This formula is used to measure how the significant of influence of using My simple show as a media to increase writing ability of Recount text at SMP Yapenas Gempol. The formula of Eta-squared is as follows:


t = t value

n= number of subject

The Table of Eta Squared is as follows:

Criterion of how significant effect Description
0.01 ≤ eta squared < 0.06 Low effect
0.06 ≤ eta squared < 0.14 Intermediate effect
Eta squared ≥ 0.14 High effect
Table 1.Table of Eta Squared


This part show the result of student perception to know how the writing ability of my simple show application for the learning process.

Result and Discussion

The researcher can build this research to collect the data in SMP YapenasGempol .this research used quantitative design. In quantitative design, I choose pre-eksperimental design. to bulit this research. It can be said that the researcher only used one class to be observed. 8-A class that choose as a sample of this research. The researcher used pre-experimental design, the researcher must prepare about syllabus, lesson plan, material, and application that used. The instrument is Essay. The researcher observed the effect of My Simple Show in teaching writing recount text in eight grade at SMP Yapenas Gempol. There are pre-test and post-test to collect the data. Based on the result of pre-test, student must know the structure of Recount Text. Students must used past tense for make the sentences. The result 46 % suitable to increase writing ability in recount text by using my simple show. Pupils also agree that my simple show can effective to repair their writing ability with percentage 44 % and 56% .


This chapter show the conclusion of this research are to find out whether there is effect of using my simple show as a media in teaching writing recount text. significant the of using my simple show as a application in teaching writing recount text. Based on the result of the data, the research on SMP Yapenas Gempol show that use my simple show as media in teaching writing recount text give more good effect for students. We can see from student score get from pre-test and post-test score. The student score of writing recount text after taught using my simple show is better than before taught using my simple show. The mean score of pre-test is 52.38 and post test is 76.95. The researcher used two formula to find out the answer of statement of problem, such as T-test and Eta-squared.

Based on the result of t-test calculation, there is effect of using my simple show as a media in teaching writing recount text. The result of t-test is 19.12 and t-table is 2.085. The comparison between t-test and t-table is 19.12 ≥ 2.085. It means that Ha is accepted and Ho is rejected. So, my simple show as a media give effect in teaching writing recount text. The result of eta-squared is 0.948. it show that my simple show give high effect in student writing recount text. It is considered as high effect because Eta-squared is 0.94 ≥ 0.14. The conclusion is the effectiveness using my simple show as a media in teaching writing recount text give significance and effect in students writing recount text.


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