Vol 8 (2019): October
Regulatory Policy

Content of elections and election legislation in Uzbekistan

Sabokhat Sakanova Muhamedovna
Khorezm Law College, Uzbekistan
Feruza Matyakubova Ravshanbekovna
Khorezm Law College, Uzbekistan
Doniyor Otamuratov Madyar Ogli
Khorezm Law College, Uzbekistan
Published December 11, 2019
  • election,
  • legistlation,
  • code,
  • voting,
  • partliament,
  • citizen
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Sakanova Muhamedovna, S., Matyakubova Ravshanbekovna, F., & Otamuratov Madyar Ogli, D. (2019). Content of elections and election legislation in Uzbekistan. Indonesian Journal of Public Policy Review, 8. https://doi.org/10.21070/ijppr.v8i0.148


In this article it is aimed that to clarify and manifestate the election types and election legislation,also some news which are happening in election system.Besides, here are given some information about the code of elections in the Republic of Uzbekistan.


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