Differential Equations TUTORIAL For Lecture and for Practical Exercise

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Kulmirzayeva Gulrabo Abduganiyevna
Muhammad Alvan Rizki


The textbook is compiled in accordance with the program of the discipline “Differential Equations” (Section - Ordinary Differential Equations). Basic theoretical information and 115 examples of solving typical problems are given, as well as recommendations for studying the discipline. Examples are provided for independent work, 85 examples and 20 questions for self-test, recommended literature.This collection was prepared in accordance with the undergraduate curriculum (Construction) in the subject “Differential Equations” in the Republic of Uzbekistan based on existing state educational standards. 60730500 – Design and operation of water supply and sewerage systems, 60730800 – Road construction (by type of activity), 60710400 – Ecology and environmental protection (by industry sector), 60722500 – Geodesy, cartography and cadastre (by function), 60722800 – Cadastre (by type of activity), 60730300 – Civil engineering: construction of buildings and structures, 60730400 – Construction and installation of engineering communications (according to types) provided for by the undergraduate curriculum, Prepared according to the scientific program. Here, the method of successive approximations of solutions to differential equations is considered, the theorem for the existence of a solution to a differential equation and the uniqueness theorem are proved. It includes theoretical information on practical subjects in the field of mathematical sciences, exemplary samples and practical problems for independent solution.


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Abduganiyevna, K. G., & Rizki, M. A. (2024). Differential Equations TUTORIAL For Lecture and for Practical Exercise. Umsida Press, 1 - 212. https://doi.org/10.21070/2024/978-623-464-095-3
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