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Achmad Jainuri


The whole material of this book was scattered in many places. The writer tried to collect it to be one draft of the book in 2010. Unfortunately, the laptop in which the final draft prepared lost coincidently. It is until this pandemic covid-19 time, the writer realize that the lost final draft can be traced back from the scattered material in many different files. Although, it takes time, the book is finally can be published.For this purpose, the writer would like to express his sincere thanks to many colleagues who have given their contribution. Without mentioning each of their names, the writer believe that all the contribution will be very beneficial. To all members of the family: wife, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters the appreciation is given to them for their supporters. Hopefully, this book will be very beneficial to those, especially, the students who take the class of Modern Development in Islam. To the Faculty of Ushuluddin and Philosophy this dedication is deserved.


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Jainuri, A. (2021). A SOCIO-RELIGIOUS CHANGE IN THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES The Issue of Modernization. Umsida Press, 1-209. https://doi.org/10.21070/2021/978-623-6292-11-2
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