Buku Ajar Mata Kuliah Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris SD

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Ermawati Zulikhatin Nuroh
Vevy Liansari


Teaching English for Primary Teachers is written to fulfil students’ needs to teach English for elementary school and as a handbook Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris SD for elementary school teachers’ students (PG-SD). This book is designed to provide an opportunity to develop students’ English teaching skills more creatively, meaningfully and communicatively.


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Nuroh, E. Z., & Liansari, V. (2021). Buku Ajar Mata Kuliah Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris SD. Umsida Press, 1-96. https://doi.org/10.21070/2019/978-623-7578-10-9
Buku Ajar


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