My First Time Teaching English in School

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Fika Megawati
Yuli Astutik
Sultoni Sultoni


This book, My First Time Teaching English in School, is one of the products of our institution research on Analisis Efikasi Diri Mahasiswa  Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris pada Program Magang III. The main part of this book is the compilation of student teachers’ stories of their teaching English experiences during accomplishing Teaching Practicum Program (Magang III) in different schools. The writings are in the form of recount text (telling past events) that had been selected in terms of language and content. The authors start overviewing the theoretical information about teaching practicum in Indonesian university context. Then, the exploration of the students’ experiences were expressed into two types: challenging and frightening. The classification was sorted from the expression or feeling that they put into their full writings. Next, this book collects the pictures of students when they carried out teaching practicum with various poses and partners. In the last part, the authors give conclusion according to the students’ stories in this book connected with the theory of Teaching Practicum for Teaching Engish as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo that have funded our research through the scheme “Riset Dasar Institusi”. 


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Megawati, F., Astutik, Y., & Sultoni, S. (2021). My First Time Teaching English in School. Umsida Press, 1-81.
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