Buku Ajar Speaking for formal Communication

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Wahyu Taufiq
Dian Novita


The demands to master English as a foreign language in Indonesia are based on many reasons. Those are like to get more friends, to get a better job, or to get more knowledge by getting more sources in English. Whichever it is, all of those reasons are based on a common understanding that mastering foreign language, particularly English, is one of the important skills to have for oneself and others. Moreover, there are always questions for tips and tricks to master English easily and quickly and many people who are serious curious about these questions are trying to find the answers themselves. Experimenting with how to take courses here and there, by looking for various references from books, buying, borrowing or just downloading e-books from internet, until trying to take paid online classes. The writers propose that there are at least two important intentions to start with, namely the clear purposes and the right mindset. The clear purpose about what learning the foreign language for is the first intention to have. By knowing the goal, the learners know what to achieve, know what to do, what to accomplish and when to finish. It is this intention that will give the English learners the limits of what to complete and the process that must be taken. 


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Buku Ajar


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